Zachary Newman
Phone: (917) 680-0064
Cloud / DevOps / Site Reliability / Systems Engineer
I am an engineer with more than a decade of experience building and maintaining distributed systems for financial exchanges in both on-premise and cloud environments.
Gemini Trust Company (New York, NY)
Senior Site Reliability Engineer - Platform Team
Jan '22 - Mar '23
- Primary developer contact embedded with the trading systems team responsible for building and maintaining our global low latency cryptocurrency exchange.
- Migrating monolithic applications from bare-metal hosts in the data-center to self-service provisioned microservices in EKS using Helm and Harness.
- Created a deployment platform in Concourse to build Docker containers for new trading system services and deploy to production using the Hashicorp Nomad orchestration platform.
- Automated Terraform IaC changes to create ephemeral testing environments for developers to QA application stacks in AWS.
- Built an on-demand EC2 environment to reduce development time and reduce monthly cost by 30%.
- Deployed, configured, and maintains monitoring / observability tooling including Consul, Grafana, Prometheus, Splunk and Datadog.
- Designed infrastructure to replicate on-prem database content to cloud services (RDS, S3, Snowflake), and automated ETL script / Airflow workflow deployments to create business critical analytics reports.
Senior Technical Operations Site Reliability Engineer
Jan '21 - March '22
- Lead weekly full exchange releases using Ansible Tower to automate multiple playbook runs.
- Responsible for the onboarding and monitoring of 18 new currencies on the exchange.
- Onboarded and trained new TechOps and Infrastructure SRE team members.
Technical Operations SRE
Dec '19 - Jan '21
- Built an autoscaling infrastructure using Terraform and Packer to allow the Nifty Gateway platform to handle over 20 times the average transactions during weekly NFT drops.
- Automated the build and release of the Gemini mobile applications using GitHub, Jenkins, and Fastlane to reduce deployment times from hours to minutes.
- Created Ansible playbooks for configuring Jamf Pro to manage 1000+ on-prem and remote Mac clients
OTC Markets Group (New York, NY)
AVP, Linux Systems Engineer
Jan '17 - Dec '19
- Migrated from Puppet 2.8 to 4 and managed a multi-master Puppet infrastructure across four data centers.
- Implemented NIST 800-53 via CIS benchmarks controls across all Linux servers.
- Migrated all monitoring to Zenoss SaaS cloud service to improve monitoring scalability and performance.
- Built a new QA testing cluster using Vagrant to enable automated testing.
AVP, Linux / UNIX Systems Engineer
Jan '15 - Dec '17
- Created Puppet modules for all application roles to reduce manual installation and setup time.
- Monitored application and service health via Nagios, Zabbix, Zenoss, and custom scripts.
- Migrated all RHEL 5 and Solaris 10 servers to RHEL 6 before EOL.
UNIX Systems Administrator
Jan '13 - Dec '15
- Migrated all production alerting and incident management to PagerDuty.
- Set up centralized OS log management with Rsyslog and designed custom log audit reports.
Certification and Training
AWS Cloud Practitioner Certified
Puppet Practitioner and Architect Training
VMware vSphere Fast Track V5.5 Training
EMC VNX Unified Storage Management Certified
Brandeis University
Bachelor of Sciences - Computer Science
May '13
Built based on the Cloud Resume Challenge
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